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Opportunity Management

Separate your opportunties/task and links contacts.

See all the related calls, emails, text times and notes

with to-dos in a single screen or by specific contact.


Smart Call

Record and trascribe the phone calls you make

to contacts. All trascriptions are automatically

segmented and timed


Log Texts and Standard Phone calls

Create a history of when you text or call a contact

for a specific opportunity.

Integration with Simple Gmail Notes

Sync your detailed notes right from your email.

With simple Gmail notes, you can add detailed

information about your opportunity and

automatically sync with your CRM.

Timeline History

And Presto! All your actions are recorded in the timeline

history by opportunity and specific contact.


Never lose or misplace information again!






$4.99per month
$4.99per month
  • All From Free Plan
  • 1000 Contacts
  • Unlimited Active Opportunities
  • Email Support: Next Business Day


$14.99per month
$14.99per month
  • All From Basic Plan
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Active Opportunities
  • 150 Minutes of Smart Call

    - Call with auto-transcription
    - Supported Language: English
    - Supported Locations:
    AU, CA, CN, DE, ES, FR, GB, HK, IN and US


Contact Us
Contact Us
  • All From Professional Plan
  • 1500 Minutes of Smart Call


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