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Will my current extension of Simple Gmail Notes be affected?

Anwser: No, the extension of Simple Gmail Notes will continue to be free. All existing notes and services will remain unchanged.

Will my notes be silently transferred to Simple Mobile CRM, without my awareness?

Anwser: No, all note sharing needs to be explicitly triggered by the users.

What's the difference between Simple Mobile CRM and hundreds of other CRMs outside?

Simply put,
1. We aim help you to manage the tasks and people easily, with simple and intuitive UI.
2. We provide smart-calls, which carry out phone number binding and fully segmentated auto transcription.

3. We provide a timeline history for all events.
4. We provide a in-depth integration for website (Simple Gmail Notes) and mobile phone (calls and SMS).

Will the free version of Simple Mobile CRM expire?

No, it's free forever.
But only 5 active projects are allowed.
The feature of 'auto-sync' is will expire after one month in the free version.

How do I unsubscribe the plans?

For iOS devices, please follow the instructions here:
For Android devices, please follow the instructions here:

How do I downgrade the plans?

Anwser: We currently does not support the plan downgrade (e.g. from professional plan to basic plan) within the CRM App. We would release this functionality soon. However, if you do want to perform a downgrade now, you could cancel the current subscription first (see the previous FAQ), and subscribe back a basic plan.

Why am I asked to sign in the Simple Mobile CRM, while I have already signed into Simple Gmail Notes?

Both Simple Mobile CRM and Simple Gmail Notes are products of Bart Solutions Limited. However, your privacy is the single most important thing to us. So we don't automatically transfer your grant to Simple Gmail Notes to other products. You need to explicitly grant the access and permissions for Simple Mobile CRM, before our CRM system could provide the service to you.

What's the required permission for the Simple Mobile CRM?

While most similar products outside greedily required a full permissions of Gmail, we strived hard to reduce the required permission to the minimum. We only collect read only permissions of Gmail, for the email thread display and auto-sync email notification.
Furthermore, we would never pull your gmails older than 30 days in any case. So only the recently received emails will ever go through our system.

See following for the full implication of all kinds of permissions:

What would happen when auto-sync for the thread is enabled?

When auto-sync is enabled, the followings will take place:
1. all future emails of this email thread will be automatically pushed to the timeline of CRM app.
2. when you update the notes in Simple Gmail Notes, it will be automatically pushed to the CRM app.


What are the terms & conditions and privacy policy for Simple Mobile CRM?

Please find our terms and conditions here, and privacy policy here.